Partner Presentation

Applicant: Foundation Agency "Împreună"

The project is implemented in a broad partnership and includes as an applicant: Foundation Agency "Împreună"

Foundation Agency "Împreună"

Roma organization with activities for the development of Roma communities for over 20 years.

And as partners

The Roma Amare Rromentza Center Association

Roma organization that promotes Roma culture and identity

Public institution that aims to preserve, promote and develop the ethno-cultural values of the Roma community.

Instituție publică care are drept scop conservarea, promovarea şi dezvoltarea valorilor etno-culturale ale comunităţii romilor.

Together with 5 Roma NGOs from local/county level

The Marginalized Communities Association Botoșani

The Marginalized Communities Association Botoșani has joined the "Putem Mai Mult Împreună" project as a local partner! Together we increase Roma inclusion and make the voice of the Roma in Botoșani heard.

The Făgăraș Roma Association

Unul din cei cinci parteneri locali ai proiectului este Asociația Romilor din Făgăraș. There are many reasons for which we've ended up working together.

The DANROM Făurei Association

One of the local partners of the project is The DANROM Făurei Association. We are glad that we have the opportunity to work together and we hope that through the video description you will get to know the things that brought us together in the project!

The Community Development Agency in Buzău

Unul dintre partenerii de nădejde la nivel local în cadrul programului este Agenția de Dezvoltare Comunitară! Impreună vom face auzită vocea romilor din Buzău astfel încât să contribuim la rezolvarea problemelor comunității.

The Ursari Roma Association from Dagâța

The Ursari Roma Association from Dagâța is one of the five local partners of the "Putem Mai Mult Împreună" project. The purpose of the organization is to contribute to the development of Roma communities, and together we will empower the Roma in Iasi so that they actively contribute to solving community problems and make their voices heard.