Campaigns to promote Roma culture and identity

Creating a virtual museum of Roma culture

The museum will have a number of rooms or virtual spaces that will reflect both the values of traditional and modern Roman culture and the tragic history of the Roma in Romania (Slavery, Holocaust, cultural assimilation during the socialist regime, contemporary anti-Roma racism), both ancestral Roman ethnotype , as well as the process of its modernization, both the Rromanipen in absolute value and the culture of internalized stigma, both the historical process of civic and cultural emancipation of the Roma after the liberation from slavery and until now, and the projection of the Roma in the future or the process of building the non-territorial and cross-border Romanian nation.

Promoting the Museum in communities

Within this activity, there will be an awareness/sensitization campaign for both Roma (related to their own culture and identity) as well as the majorities (in order to reduce stereotypes and prejudices about Roma).

In each of the 40 Roma communities, a cultural caravan will take place, during which the Virtual Roma Museum will be promoted and presented, debates will be organized on various topics addressed by the museum and the exhibition with Roma personalities will be presented - produced by CNCR-RK.

Organizing debates on the contribution of Roma culture and identity to the development of Romania

Within this activity, 3 debates will be organized at national level on the contribution of the Roma to the development of Romania. Their role will be to bring together Roma, non-Roma experts, leaders, professionals, academics to promote a change in the discourse on Roma, and to reduce the Roma approach as a "social group" and to spread the Roma approach as a national minority with rights and responsibilities.

Topics covered during the debates:

  • Roma as a national minority
  • Promoting Romanian culture
  • Interculturalism
  • Representation of the Roma at the political level
  • Measures to combat discrimination and segregation

Development of anti-discrimination tools