Training of 75 Roma experts and leaders

Comprehensive training program

The training program for Roma experts and leaders is addressed to 75 Roma experts/leaders who are also members of non-governmental Roma organizations in Romania. The program is structured in four training modules.

Module 1 - Respect for human rights
Module 2 - Communication, public speaking, advocacy and negotiation techniques
Module 3 - Roman identity and ethnic self-image
Module 4 - Development of contemporary Romanian culture

Exchanges of experience, study tours and promotion of good practices

In this activity we aim for the 75 experts/leaders participating in the complex training program to visit at least one of the 20 localities benefiting from the community development program with outstanding results.

Among the topics addressed during the visits:

  • Best practices for addressing the needs of Roma communities;
  • Best practices for promoting Roma culture;
  • Measures to desegregate and combat discrimination;
  • Relationship of local institutions / authorities with Roma citizens;
  • Representation and representativeness.

Public debates to influence public policies

Public debates organized to influence public policies at local, regional, and national level - 14 meetings at the county level in which the needs of Roma communities will be debated, and solutions will be addressed, including through strategic documents at the county or regional level.

The purpose of the debates will be to update the county development strategies so that they include the needs of the Roma communities, and so the discourse within these strategies would no longer be stereotypical towards the Roma.