Meetings with the youngsters (Brăila)

On February 16, we stopped at the "Nicolae Titulescu" Technological High School (Insurăței), at the Viziru Secondary School, but also in the Roma communities in the two localities, where we promoted the stories written by the young women who participated in the vlogging and blogging workshop.

With us were Alexandra Ciornea, a university student, and Eliza Ciornea, a school student, who shared with the others pieces of their story, what motivated them to continue their studies and pursue education, but also what were the hardest moments they went through and what motivated them not to give up – Alexandra talked about her period as a university students and what are her plans for the future.

The students who were present also presented what their fears or curiosities are about the future and the path they want to pursue.

These meetings with the little ones are meant to motivate them, not to give up their dreams, not to let go of school and to get involved as much as they can, at school or outside it, in the years in which they become adults.

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