The „The Santa Claus for all” campaign 2020

As you all know, for more than 15 years Santa Claus has been bringing the magic of the holidays into the homes of children who every year wait for Santa to come, but rarely or never have felt his presence.

No matter how hard it's been this year, we haven't given up on creating stories with and about Santa.

It all started in November 2020, when 250 children from the community of Racoș drew pictures expressing how much they wanted to see Santa Claus that year.

After a long, foggy, windy, cold, rainy and sunny journey, Santa Claus arrived in the community that turned out to be full of fairy tales. He found stories of children who have everything, others for whom "happy holidays" is just a hope that tomorrow might be better. There are children who love and believe in Santa Claus and the goodness of others, others who say that when they grow up they will be "whatever God wants". Stories about how the grown-ups take care of the little ones, stories about the grown-ups' desire to be an example for their brothers and sisters... for their community.

Copiii din Racoș sunt supereroi pentru că indiferent de dificultățile de acasă li lipsurile materiale, unii au învățat să strângă din dinți și să meargă la școală să învețe, însă alții rămân acasă să ajute cum pot și din pacăte nu au putut afla că atunci când își pornesc ambele rotițe… rotița inimii și cea a minții… se întamplă lucruri bune. 

In the end, these are stories that bring joy to the soul, but none of it would have happened if we weren't together.

"I went to the children to fill their souls with joy, but I received more. I left the community with a lot of thoughts that I don't think I can put into words even now. I just know that for the next 3 years, while we are there, the children will be given heart and the confidence that they can be more than what others see them to be. Nothing outweighs stories about superheroes. Thank you for all that we have been able to create together!" - A Leprechaun

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March 22, 2021